How Will Your School Perform During the Next Power Outage?

Heat and power systems for educational campuses have traditionally been separate, and quite often outdated, making them less cost-effective, reliable, or sustainable. For instance, when a power outage happens, most institutions are unable to operate until power is restored.

So, if traditional systems are proving to be inefficient – is combined heat and power (CHP) a good solution for you?

 Among the main reasons why CHP would be a good solution for an educational facility is that it assists in controlling energy costs and possibly provides a way of getting paid for excess electricity. Our modular, scalable on-site cogeneration system reduces energy costs in educational/institutional settings due to its high efficiency generation of electricity and the recovering of useable heat.

You may want to focus a CHP solutions for special purpose facilities, such as media centers (formally libraries), office and administrative spaces, or other facilities which require air conditioning and year-round humidity control.

CHP systems are often designed to be able to run independently of the grid, making them attractive and beneficial for educational institutions, due to their need for reliable power. CHP enables schools, colleges and universities to continue many of their normal operations even during power outages.

Some facilities can handle a short-term power outage, which lasts seconds to minutes. Long-term outages, however, can have many implications of serious magnitudes. They can last a few hours, sometimes even a few days, and can affect the safety of your academic institution in many ways, from business operations (IT Systems and data, process controls, VOIP phones, etc.), to students (housing, feeding, providing heat or air conditioning, etc.), to overall safety and liability.

With onsite power, there is no worry about systems going offline, loss of data or damage to vital equipment, the costs incurred to cover outages, and, most importantly, people’s safety and wellbeing.

With CHP systems, multiple buildings on the same campus can be interconnected, creating a safe haven for students in severe weather conditions and outages.

Sun Rising Over Buildings in Small Downtown

In addition, many schools serve as emergency shelters, so having reliable power in an emergency is vital. CHP systems offer uninterrupted power and seamless transfers between power sources, ensuring reliability, resiliency, power backup, power quality, and outage avoidance.

How prepared is your school for the power outage?

UGI Performance Solutions, backed by the UGI Corporation, offers on-site power generation using CHP technology, which allows your facility to stay powered up when the electric grid goes down. If you need backup power generation or you are considering a CHP cogeneration or trigeneration system, you will want to make sure that you are working with a team of experts with years of experience in CHP/cogeneration system design. The team at UGI Performance Solutions is the leading CHP design builder in Pennsylvania and its surrounding states.

Now you can have peace of mind knowing that with a CHP installation, you can keep the school’s power on even during serious crises.

When searching for CHP companies, rely on UGI Performance Solutions, the premier, Mid-Atlantic energy and CHP solutions provider, and MEP contractor with design, engineering, and installation capabilities.