Choose A Full Service CHP Design Builder

If you need onsite power solutions and/or power outage solutions and you’re considering a CHP cogeneration or trigeneration system, you’ll want to know that you’re working with a team of experts with years of experience in CHP/cogeneration system design. The team at UGI Performance Solutions is the leading CHP design builders in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states.

UGI Performance Solutions is a Full-Service CHP Design Builder

The team at UGI Performance Solutions can assist you from the initial conceptualization & feasibility phases all the way through to the design and construction of your CHP project. And once your cogeneration or trigeneration CHP system is up and running, we’re here to help with scheduled and unscheduled maintenance to ensure that your new onsite power solutions are running at full efficiency.

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • System Modeling
  • Full Service Engineering Team
  • In-House Construction Team to Build System
  • Operational Support

Phased Cogeneration System Design Process Doesn’t Require a Large Initial Capital Commitment

Our phased process utilizes various financial milestones or breakpoints, meaning that you do not need to commit a large amount of capital in order to investigate your options for power outage solutions. These milestones (applying for and receiving grants, confirming gas availability, electrical interconnection requirements, air permit requirements, etc.) provide your organization with a manageable process with limited up front capital risk.

CHP Systems Builders with Tremendous Experience in Applying for – and Receiving – Grant & Incentives

Over a span of 12 months, UGI Performance Solutions assisted clients in securing $3.9M in Pennsylvania grants (PEDA & ACE), local rebates (Act 129), and $1.5M in state low-interest loans (ACE). Similar incentives are in place with other states, and we can use our expert knowledge and experience to help your organization navigate the complex application process during your cogeneration system design project.

In-House Construction Team and Streamline CHP Design & Build Process

The conceptual design and installation can be performed by a single company. Not only does this simplify the responsibility, but, by having it under a single P&L, it also eliminates additional levels of mark-up, helping to keep costs down. You want onsite power solutions and/or power outage solutions, not headaches, and we make that possible.

CHP Design Builders with Extensive Knowledge working with Local Utilities

UGIPS is very familiar with working with local gas and electric utilities to support our customer’s needs. This includes, but is not limited to, development of additional gas pipelines and other infrastructure, electric interconnection agreements, and net-metering arrangements for CHP. We have experience working with several utility companies, including UGI Utilities, PPL Utilities, UGI PNG and UGI CPG.

Our Cogeneration System Design Process is Equipment Agnostic

UGIPS isn’t tied to any single technology or equipment provider. As a result, we can compare and procure the best technical and economical fit, providing several unbiased options to meet our clients’ unique onsite power solutions and/or power outage solutions needs.

Our CHP Design Builders Take the Time to Understand Your Facilities

The UGI HVAC engineering team will first conduct a site walkthrough for a preliminary assessment of both the existing infrastructure and the integration of the projected trigeneration or cogeneration system integration. UGIPS interviews the equipment operating personnel to determine operating schedules, control sequences, and all of the specifics about the electric and thermal loads. Additional interviews of the managerial personnel are conducted to identify the project’s drivers and expected financial and sustainability benefits. Our CHP design builders will analyze data from your facility’s monthly electric and heating fuels billings, along with the answers from the CHP Assessment Questionnaire. We then analyze that data against current and projected utility rates.

Customizes Project Financial Modeling and Results Projections

Using the utility billing data and the equipment specification data as input, along with all available grants and rebates, UGIPS assess the economics of the project using the UGIPS CHP Technical & Financial Model. The financial model outputs the system life cycle cost and other financial parameters (payback period, savings, internal rate of return, etc.). This information will allow you to select specific items, technologies or operational decisions to help with cash flow management while ensuring you get the best onsite power solutions and/or power outage solutions available.