The Three E’s of Combined Heat and Power

Cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) delivers Economic Savings, Environmental Benefits, and Energy Reliability.

As we’ve seen first hand the commercial and societal benefits of CHP, at UGI Performance Solutions we proudly perform CHP installations for enhanced performance, a cleaner environment, and a better bottom line.

Here are the three E’s of CHP – the reasons this technology is a winning solution:

  1. Economic – Financial Savings

UGI Performance Solutions, backed by the UGI Corporation, offers on-site power generation using CHP technology, which has the added advantages of being more cost-effective. With fluctuating energy costs this present the solution for improved energy efficiency and cost savings.

Regarding the recent installation of a Combined Heating & Power facility on campus, Kathie Shafer, VP of Operations at Messiah College, stated that, “At the end of one full year of operating, we conservatively project an $800K savings”.

CHP energy solutions typically result in twice the efficiency of grid power and traditional heating and air conditioning systems – leading to long-term reduced energy costs and financial savings.   

  1. Environmental

CHP technology has another amazing benefit – it improves environmental profiles and helps reduce a facility’s environmental footprint, in some cases by over 50%.

When Mohegan Sun teamed up with UGIPS to develop a CHP system, to reduce energy costs and support power operations, one of the many remarkable results of the project will be a 14% reduction of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

“This will bring increased power quality, lower costs, and reduced emissions.”

Mike Bean, President & GM at Mohegan Sun Pocono, said about CHP system installation by UGIPS.

  1. Energy Reliability

CHP energy solutions typically result in twice the efficiency of grid power and traditional heating and air conditioning systems and deliver multiple levels of resiliency. Emergency preparedness is vital for most businesses, and CHP provides reliable power during interrupted service.

UGIPS created a system for Messiah College that would be functional at all times and provide redundant power when the grid is down. The Eisenhower Campus Center can now operate as a standalone building in instances where there’s no power or heat in the area providing them with a “Safe Haven” for students on campus.

At PSECU, being a credit union where it is critical for their operations to stay powered and on-line, CHP provided additional levels of reliability. A year after the operation of the CHP system PSECU’s President Greg Smith stated, “It works. We like having those four layers of power – our own CHP that we generate, battery backup, the grid and diesel. If the lights go off around here, they’ll still be on here at PSECU”.

At UGIPS we are committed to providing innovative solutions to our clients – our CHP system solutions and CHP installations include turbines, microturbines, heat recovery modules (waste heat boilers), and absorption chillers.

'Anytime you can find ways to use less of the earth's resources to give you the same output it's a terrific thing.' - Jeff Seidel

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