Did You Know CHP Can Help with Your Business Expansion Plans?

Cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions are about Efficiency, Reliability, and Environmental and Economic benefits.

Did you know that in addition to helping you save money and energy by increasing efficiency, CHP can also help with your business expansion plans?

A majority of the fuel used to generate utility grid power ends up being wasted as residual heat, which is exactly what CHP technology harnesses, using this heat for space heating and cooling, process heating and cooling, and dehumidification. The CHP process produces electricity and useful thermal energy with efficiencies of 60-80 percent, and some systems even reach efficiencies of almost 90 percent.

Installing CHP drives performance, helps improve operational efficiency, and lowers energy costs, plus – CHP solutions also drive growth and can help you unlock value for your business.

There are many businesses looking to expand, but they cannot fund a power grid expansion or electrical upgrades. CHP systems can provide the extra electricity, improve reliability for your business as you expand your facilities, and the solution will eventually pay for itself (unlike traditional onsite backup generators).

Consider a simple example: For you to do electrical upgrades for an expansion, you need to pay a power company a lot of money – and there’s no payback on that cost. Running new substation and power lines cost $3.5 million. For a CHP solution, that same facility would invest $3 million, and the resulting efficiencies would create a capital payback period of 3-5 years. With CHP, after a certain time you break even and actually begin making money.

Using CHP to help fund the expansion means that you can use energy savings to fund any necessary electrical upgrades.

Basically, when you free up resources for growth initiatives, you are investing more time and money growing your business and less time figuring out how you use and manage energy.

CHP technology is a winning solution due to the inherent reliability and resiliency that an on-site generation resource provides. Your revenue streams stay protected because your facilities continue to operate even in case of a disaster or interruption of grid-supplied electricity. CHP provides continuous electricity to support critical functions and operations, which drastically reduces monetary, safety, and health risks.

You can realize your long-term business growth objectives with a well-designed energy strategy that utilizes innovative energy technologies to support new business models, new services, and new revenue streams for your business.

Combined heat and power systems can provide localized heating and chilling solutions to your business expansion plans. With energy efficiency technologies, you can reduce your energy consumption, as well as carbon emissions; by delivering on your sustainability commitments, you can also improve and strengthen your reputation and drive competitive advantage.

Uncover new opportunities and increase your business agility by liberating your business from the constraints of the energy market. CHP systems typically use natural gas, which is often cheaper than buying electricity; with fluctuating energy costs in today’s economy, it’s another important aspect of the CHP solution. CHP systems produce electricity onsite, with less fuel and without transmission and distribution (T&D) losses, and can decrease the expense of replacing heating equipment.

At UGI Performance Solutions, we are proud of our commitment to innovative answers for improved performance, a healthier environment, and a better bottom line, as the premier CHP Company and regional solution provider with the capability to provide end-to-end CHP Solutions.

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We recommend that businesses conduct a feasibility study before implementing CHP projects to determine the optimal system design. We can provide this study to help you ensure that your CHP system will be efficient at all times, provide redundant power when the grid is down, and keep your payback period short.

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