Combined Heat & Power (CHP) and Combined Cooling, Heat & Power (CCHP) systems are types of Distributed Energy Resources (DER).  CHP/CCHP systems provide on-site electricity and backup power generation and utilize the excess heat that would otherwise be wasted to provide useful thermal energy in the form of hot water, chilled water, or steam.  That thermal energy can then be used for space heating, cooling, domestic hot water, and industrial processes.  As Distributed Energy Resources (DER), these CHP/CCHP systems operate in concert with electric utility grids, microgrids, and independently to provide operational and emergency power generation.

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Why CHP?

There are numerous reasons why a facility management team would want to add CHP energy solutions to its organization’s distributed energy resources. Reliable backup power generation, utility cost savings, and environmental sustainability are a few key benefits of CHP.

Efficient Use of Energy

CHP energy solutions, or cogen power solutions, achieve energy efficiencies of greater than 75-80%. Compare this to conventional electric systems at only 33-39% efficiency and conventional boiler systems at only 65-75% efficiency, and it’s easy to see where the energy savings can start piling up.

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UGI Performance Solutions CHP Project Approach

UGI HVAC is a full-service CHP design builder, developing and constructing trigeneration and cogeneration CHP projects through the sequential approach outlined and described below. By creating milestone decision points that limit the upfront commitment and financial obligations, while providing adequate information to support decision-making at each step of your backup power generation project, our CHP/cogeneration system design process ensures that costs are controlled and timelines are accelerated.  The energy experts at UGI Performance Solutions will evaluate your existing HVAC systems and customize a solution to fit your organization’s distributed energy resources strategy.

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Choose A Full Service CHP Design Builder

If you need backup power generation and you’re considering a CHP cogeneration or trigeneration system, you’ll want to know that you’re working with a team of experts with years of experience in CHP/cogeneration system design. The team at UGI Performance Solutions is the leading CHP design builder in Pennsylvania and its surrounding states.

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