CHP and Emergency Generation are not mutually exclusive

Cogeneration, or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions, provide efficiency and reliability through affordable, clean energy – today and for the future.

Recent extreme weather events have turned attention to energy reliability and business continuity, disrupting electric distribution systems and exposing fragilities in our power systems.

Benefits of CHP

When considering CHP systems and Emergency Generators, here are the main points to consider:

CHP systems operate continuously to meet thermal or electric loads. CHP can be more reliable than the power grid because facilities can maintain both power and heat during big storms and other disruptive events, providing a “dynamic asset”. Emergency generators operate to recover from an outage.

While CHP systems do not replace emergency generator sets for “life-safety/critical” loads, they reduce overall size and capacity of emergency generator sets. With CHP, emergency generator sets become backup to the backup, offering much higher reliability. Also, these systems are more self-sustaining, and are fueled by natural gas, which means low emissions and no waiting for fuel deliveries.

While initial capital investment is required to set up a CHP system, when properly designed and operated, it will run reliably for many years, providing energy cost savings well after the initial investment has paid for itself. CHP pays for itself by running every day, and although the paybacks may seem long, an emergency generator only has a financial payback if it needs to be used in times of emergency.

Emergency Generators are not designed for long periods of run time or capable of continuous operation. Most are diesel fueled and normally have enough fuel on-site only for hours, and fuel resupply is necessary during long outages. Also, diesel fueled means high emissions and are limited in the hours of operation annually.

At UGI Performance Solutions, we create systems that can be efficient at all times and provide power when the grid is down. On-site power generators generate electricity and heat on-site rather than electricity being purchased through the power grids and heat being generated separately.

CHP system solutions include engines, turbines, microturbines, heat recovery modules (waste heat boilers), and absorption chillers.

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