How to Calculate Your Savings with CHP

Cogen power solutions are rapidly gaining popularity and the reasons why are many, including economic, commercial, operational, societal, and environmental.

Some of the ways that CHP can bring you savings are monetary, but since many are harder to quantify, we put together a list to help you calculate your savings with combined heat and power.

What You Gain with CHP:

  • Power Reliability – for most businesses, emergency preparedness is crucial, and CHP provides reliable power during interrupted service. Your CHP system would be functional at all times and may provide redundant power when the grid is down. Less downtime means less lost revenue.
  • Increased Capacity – businesses may be able to add new buildings, and new production lines without upgrading their electric service. Increased capacity means increased revenue with lower expansion costs.
  • Improved Comfort – you can create more comfortable environment for your employees, students, patients, customers, etc. by expanding your heating and cooling systems.
  • Better Purchasing Profile – you will find fuel and utility rates to be better because your energy usage is more consistent throughout the day and the year. You can buy fuel and electricity at more favorable rates due to the flexibility of your CHP system. Lower energy costs mean more money in your pocket.
  • Environmental Benefits – CHP technology improves environmental profiles and helps reductions in greenhouse gases and carbon footprint. Reduce your carbon dioxide emission by as much as 50%.
  • Economic Benefits – cost savings, as your CHP system has payback period, while other backup systems will never pay for themselves.
  • Improved Efficiency – when power is generated on-site, it allows businesses to reuse thermal energy that would normally be wasted.
  • Dual Use – with combined heat and power, an engine or turbine is used to generate electricity and useful heat at the same time.
  • Income – excess electricity can be sold back into the grid. Imagine the power company paying you!
  • Social Benefits – good will from being environmentally responsible, and an overall better Triple Bottom line.

What Will You Not Lose with CHP:

  • Product – You will not lose products or production due to the power outages.
  • Sales – You don’t have to close up shop during a power outage, and, since your competitors may have to close, you can gain some extra business.
  • Customers – You can keep your current customers and gain new ones from other businesses that don’t have CHP systems to keep operating during a power grid failure.
  • Less Scrap and Lost Product – Even a 30 second outage during a manufacturing process can result in $5,000 or more of scrapped materials.
  • Fewer Restarts and Set Up – You will not have all the losses from having to restart and setup again.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs – No need to do extra cleaning and restocking due to an outage.

At UGI Performance Solutions we are dedicated to offering innovative CHP system solutions cogen power installations for enhanced performance, a cleaner environment, and a better bottom line.

As a CHP company, we expertly perform CHP design and installations, including turbines, microturbines, heat recovery modules (waste heat boilers), and absorption chillers.

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