CHP Solutions – Central Power Plant or Micro-grid?

Your facilities are laid out based on years of decisions, growth, change and funding. Very few locations that serve the same purpose are identical. Even within a business or an organization all campuses are not built alike. Many have Central Power Plants, while others may take advantage of a micro-grid configuration. There is no correct […]

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Infographic describing the benefits of CHP

The Benefits of CHP

This infographic explores the general, operational, reliability and economic benefits of Combined Heat & Power systems – illustrating the many benefits of CHP.

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Power lines with gray sky in background

Have you planned for a power outage?

What does your organization do when the lights go out? Do the phones work? Do your computer systems go down? How long does the UPS keep everything working? Will you have heat and air conditioning? Will the water system work? Does your security system operate? Most businesses simply stop operating until the power is restored. […]

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Headshot of Gary Fechter

Employee Spotlight: Getting to Know Gary Fechter

At UGI Performance Solutions, we are proud of our commitment to innovative answers for improved performance, a healthier environment, and a better bottom line, as the premier CHP Company and regional solution provider with the capability to provide end-to-end CHP Solutions. As part of our efforts to deliver value and support, and establish strong professional relationships, […]

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UGI Performance Solutions Welcomes New Business Development Manager

UGI Performance Solutions (, a division of UGI HVAC Enterprises, Inc. (, is pleased to announce and welcome their new Business Development Manager, Steve Johnson. UGI Performance Solutions is a leading CHP Company, known for its development and execution of state of the art Combined Heat and Power (CHP) projects alongside parent company UGI HVAC […]

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A miniature globe sitting on the leaf of a sapling

CHP’s Role In A Clean And Green Future

There are many reasons why organizations should use Combined Heat and Power (CHP), or cogeneration. In addition to commercial and societal benefits of CHP, other impacts include environmental, energy, and economic benefits – which is why it already has a large presence in the U.S., with almost 4,500 installations. With cogeneration, thermal energy that would […]

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'Anytime you can find ways to use less of the earth's resources to give you the same output it's a terrific thing.' - Jeff Seidel Director of Capital Expenditure, Mohegan Sun Gaming Authority

The Three E’s of Combined Heat and Power

Cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) delivers Economic Savings, Environmental Benefits, and Energy Reliability. As we’ve seen first hand the commercial and societal benefits of CHP, at UGI Performance Solutions we proudly perform CHP installations for enhanced performance, a cleaner environment, and a better bottom line. Here are the three E’s of CHP – […]

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