Pennsylvania PUC Acts in Support of CHP

On February 25th 2016, a Joint Motion was issued by the Pennsylvania’s Public Utility Commission’s Chairman Gladys Brown and Commissioner Robert Powelson in support of expanded efforts by electric and natural gas utilities to enable and encourage more CHP implementations. Below are a few excerpts:

“In light of the potential benefits to the public of Combined Heat and Power (CHP), we are interested in considering ways to advance the development of CHP in Pennsylvania.”

“In addition to improving manufacturing competitiveness and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, CHP benefits businesses by reducing energy costs and enhancing reliability for the user.”

“We believe that the Commission should facilitate efforts to make Pennsylvania a leader in CHP deployment to more fully realize the benefits provided by CHP and the enhanced utilization of our indigenous shale gas resources.”

“We propose to require utilities to submit biennial reports on their efforts to promote CHP with a particular focus on critical operations for food supply, hospitals, nursing homes, water and wastewater facilities and government services.”