Below are brief highlights of the value differentiation the UGI HVAC team brings to support CHP projects:

UGI Performance Solutions CHP Project Approach

UGI HVAC is a full-service CHP design builder, developing and constructing trigeneration and cogeneration CHP projects through the sequential approach outlined and described below. By creating milestone decision points that limit the financial obligations, while providing adequate information to support decision-making, our CHP/cogeneration system design process ensures that costs are controlled and timelines are accelerated.

The detailed process is described below.

chp design builders

1. Qualification

In the initial phase of the CHP design development, we collect basic information about the facility, site use, energy usage and costs to help the client determine if the opportunity merits further investment of time and resources.

2. Feasibility Analysis

The second phase is the Feasibility Analysis. UGI Performance Solutions utilizes its integrated technical and financial CHP Model to evaluate a number of preliminary scenarios to identify the range of economics that could be achieved.

3. Investment Grade Analysis (IGA)

During this step our CHP design builders further refine our model with more specific input and evaluate a number of “what if” scenarios. Typical examples are future expansions, closures, and reductions or modifications to building loads. We complete the conceptual design of the systems to include structural requirements, piping and electrical interconnections. If requested, we apply for state grants during this step. We work with the local natural gas utility regarding gas availability and any system improvement costs. We initiate electrical interconnection discussions, determine the availability of net-metering, and identify any system improvement costs. Air permit requirements will be included in system design, and initial conversations with regulatory agencies will be initiated. Assistance with any financing or third party funding will also be provided during this stage. Additionally, the team will complete equipment specifications and a basis of design to ensure that the final system meets the client’s standards. UGI Performance Solutions will solicit multiple bids to ensure that the best pricing for the major equipment is obtained.

This phase of the cogeneration system design will result in the 100% conceptual design. UGI Performance Solutions will deliver a firm, fixed price to execute the work. If project economics are within the client’s capital expenditure goals, then the project will move forward.

4. Final Design & Engineering

This phase involves the completion of the detailed engineering with active involvement from the CHP installation teams. This will include the preparation of all required drawings, permit applications and other construction support documentation. A project schedule is developed and coordinated with the facility management so as to minimize disruptions to the client’s facilities. Final equipment selection and subcontractor selection will be completed during this stage.

At the end of this phase all of the purchase orders will have been submitted and all of the equipment supply contracts will have been finalized.

5. Implementation

The CHP team will directly perform the mechanical and electrical portions of the construction. Our team will contract with and manage specialty contractors as required to ensure work outside our normal scope is provided by the best value contractor. During this stage our CHP design builder Project Manager will continue to coordinate with the client to ensure that the work is completed on schedule, but also in a manner that minimizes disruptions to facility activity. Progress and coordination meeting will be conducted during this time to provide a forum for communications with, and input from, the client during the construction.

Training of operating staff will also be completed during this stage so that the local staff will be knowledgeable of the systems prior to turnover. The CHP/cogeneration team will perform commissioning and startup services to ensure that the system meets the performance goals.

6. Operations & Maintenance

During the on-going operations & maintenance of the system, UGI HVAC will be available to provide scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, assistance with commodity purchasing, and additional consulting services to optimize your energy savings.