CHP Solutions – Central Power Plant or Micro-grid?

Your facilities are laid out based on years of decisions, growth, change and funding. Very few locations that serve the same purpose are identical. Even within a business or an organization all campuses are not built alike. Many have Central Power Plants, while others may take advantage of a micro-grid configuration. There is no correct or perfect configuration.

The benefits of Cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions are many, with some of the main ones being efficiency, environmental, economic, and reliability. Click here to see an infographic that illustrates the potential savings with CHP.

When you address your energy needs and look to improve efficiency and reliability you must include what you are starting with as you look to upgrade or change. Does your campus or facility have a large central plant or does every building have a separate system, or do you have a mix of both?

An important option with CHP is that, rather than having one giant central CHP hub, little nodes can be added across your site. Micro-grids are mini versions of the larger power grid and are highly energy efficient, especially when they employ CHP. Look for a solution that matches your needs not the product your vendor is selling. 

There are many CHP companies that offer CHP solutions; however, not every CHP provider is able to build effective modular systems. At UGI Performance Solutions (UGIPS), we proudly design CHP systems and perform CHP installations for enhanced performance, a cleaner environment, and a better bottom line. We differ from a lot of other CHP companies in our ability to design and build small and modular as well as offering a phased approach to project execution. Being equipment agnostic allows UGIPS to design around your needs not what we sell.

CHP solutions are not stock solutions where one size fits all. Looking at a micro-grid system will allow you to optimize the thermal output at each node and share the electricity across your facility’s campus. This micro-grid configuration can greatly increase the operational and economic value of a CHP system.

CHP technology is a winning solution allowing your revenue streams to stay protected, so your facility can continue to operate even if a disaster strikes or there’s an interruption of grid-supplied electricity.

At UGI Performance Solutions, we are committed to providing innovative solutions to our clients – since CHP as a Micro-Grid is much smaller than the giant central hub, it is a smaller investment upfront, and the installation can be achieved in phases.

 Trust UGI Performance Solutions, the premier, Mid-Atlantic energy and combined heat and power solutions provider, and MEP contractor with design, engineering, and installation capabilities.