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Did You Know CHP Can Help with Your Business Expansion Plans?

Cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions are about Efficiency, Reliability, and Environmental and Economic benefits. Did you know that in addition to helping you save money and energy by increasing efficiency, CHP can also help with your business expansion plans? A majority of the fuel used to generate utility grid power ends up […]

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What Can You Do to Improve Your Energy Profile (With CHP) in 2018?

Businesses are increasingly seeing the commercial and societal benefits of cogen power solutions first-hand. Correctly sized and installed, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) presents one of the most efficient methods to utilize a primary energy source, offering significant advantages to all sectors that have a simultaneous thermal and electrical load. If you’re looking to get […]

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Image of earth from space, showing a the clouds of a hurricane

How CHP Will Help You During a Hurricane

While millions of people lost power during the recent hurricanes, certain facilities were able to keep their power, heat, and critical equipment running. This was possible due to Combined Heat and Power (CHP), a highly efficient form of onsite electric and thermal energy generation. During any major storm, energy reliability, resiliency, and security become paramount […]

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Sun Rising Over Buildings in Small Downtown

How Will Your School Perform During the Next Power Outage?

Heat and power systems for educational campuses have traditionally been separate, and quite often outdated, making them less cost-effective, reliable, or sustainable. For instance, when a power outage happens, most institutions are unable to operate until power is restored. So, if traditional systems are proving to be inefficient – is combined heat and power (CHP) […]

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Benefits of CHP

CHP and Emergency Generation are not mutually exclusive

Cogeneration, or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions, provide efficiency and reliability through affordable, clean energy – today and for the future. Recent extreme weather events have turned attention to energy reliability and business continuity, disrupting electric distribution systems and exposing fragilities in our power systems. When considering CHP systems and Emergency Generators, here are […]

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Crowd Looking at new CHP Installation

Mohegan Sun Pocono Unveils New CHP Plant

On Tuesday, June 20, 2017, near Mohegan Sun Pocono’s executive offices in Wilkes-Barre, PA, officials unveiled the all-new co-generation energy plant that will now significantly improve MSP’s energy efficiency and consumption. Pennsylvania-based, UGI HVAC Enterprises, Inc., took the lead on this major installation. Mohegan Sun Pocono CEO & President, Anthony Carlucci, UGI Energy Services President, […]

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CHP Solutions – Central Power Plant or Micro-grid?

Your facilities are laid out based on years of decisions, growth, change and funding. Very few locations that serve the same purpose are identical. Even within a business or an organization all campuses are not built alike. Many have Central Power Plants, while others may take advantage of a micro-grid configuration. There is no correct […]

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Infographic describing the benefits of CHP

The Benefits of CHP

This infographic explores the general, operational, reliability and economic benefits of Combined Heat & Power systems – illustrating the many benefits of CHP.

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