A New Mobile Friendly Site to Better Assist You

It’s obvious – technology now plays a huge part in almost every aspect of our lives, continuously moving forward, and creating a critical need for businesses to adapt.

Having a mobile-friendly, responsive website can be critical to the success of a business. This recent announcement by Google reflected how people nowadays conduct their searches for information – on their smartphones and tablets.

According to comScore, 184 million people own smartphones, and a study conducted by Google shows that 84 percent of consumers use search engines to gather information for local purchases.

If a website is not user friendly and responsive, some 61% of users will leave right away, while 67% of them are actually more likely to use a service or make a purchase if their experience with a mobile website is overall positive.

As customers increasingly go mobile, it’s only natural that, being dedicated to professionalism, innovation and advancement, UGI Performance Solutions would also turn to mobile friendly solutions.

Smartphone touchscreen

In a continued effort to better serve our customers, we have launched a more cutting-edge and sophisticated website offering easy visibility and navigation for mobile device users.

Special thanks to RODA marketing, a local Internet Marketing firm, for helping us create our mobile friendly website.

At UGI Performance Solutions, we are proud of our commitment to innovative answers for improved performance, a healthier environment, and a better bottom line, as the premier regional CHP solution provider with the capability to design, build, own, operate, and maintain efficient energy assets.

By leveraging our expertise in cogeneration and trigeneration systems, thermal technologies, energy efficiency, and other clean technologies, our team can help you design, install, finance, and maintain a cleaner and more sustainable future. We are a provider of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions as a clean and affordable alternative.

UGI Performance Solutions provides customers with Combined Heat and Power system solutions from technologies including turbines/microturbines, engines, heat recovery modules (waste heat boilers), and absorption chillers, resulting in twice the efficiency of grid power and traditional heating and air conditioning systems.

In today’s fast paced and digital world, it’s crucial to be able to get information when you need it, and, very often, it’s when you’re on the go. So we wanted to make sure that our current and future customers have an easy time using our site on their computers – and on their mobile devices.

At UGI Performance Solutions we appreciate every customer and respect their time, which is why we also wanted to be able to provide the “click and call” feature on our new website. This feature will provide our potential, current and future customers with an opportunity to more readily and easily make a contact with us. Also, we’ve added a “Contact Us” form on the home page, so people can get in touch with us this way as soon as they land on our site.

Trust UGI Performance Solutions, a full-service energy solutions provider and CHP company with design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, operation, and finance capabilities, now with a newly designed site.